27 November 2019

How to encourage productivity and collaborators engagement

The business world landscape and the world in general, is constantly evolving and changing. Several organizations are constantly confronted with even more change than they can handle – and to stay in the forefront and be competitive, they have to grow fast and sustainably, which often means doing more with fewer resources.

It is common knowledge that collaborators are the most important organizational asset. However, in reality, this is only true when most of the labour force is fully committed to its work.

In this context, the entirety of studies shows a direct correlation between collaborators productivity and commitment to the work performed. This may seem obvious but, several managers find out difficult to define, measure and improve the commitment in their teams. Workers who are completely committed to their work, are willing to go further, work with passion and develop a deep connection with the employer. And those are the people who end up leading innovation and drive the entire business to grow and develop.

Some measures that can be taken into consideration and implemented in the organization to increase commitment and productivity, namely:

  • Organizational Culture

It is extremely relevant to make known to collaborators, from the day of their reception, the organizational culture of the company. Key points like mission, values and vision have to be shared. Other key points that should be shared and meet what people are looking for in an organization are the business objectives and the organization’s current situation.

  • Invest in collaborators

An organizational culture based on continuous growth, with clear goals in helping collaborators, develop new skills and encourages them to be more productive and collaborative. Any activity that contributes best to the collaborators’ well-being, whether at a professional level (courses, workshops, training) or a personal level (coaching, employee meetings, holiday memories) will be welcomed. Also, the organization of team buildings, for example, Christmas parties, and many other commemorative moments are essential for collaborators to feel integrated.

  • Improve space for feedback

Productive discussion must be cultivated daily and not just at the end or mid-year. Today’s labour force needs regular feedback for more automatic correction and employees who feel listened, stay more committed to the work that they do. If managers are transparent about the expectations of each team and collaborators, there may be more openness to discuss solutions, and in return will lead to a higher connection with the company.

  • Workspace Improvements

This is an Era that truly values collaborators experience by ensuring that a work environment is a place where they feel good. In this context, creating quality and flexible workspace leads to a more energetic atmosphere where collaborators are comfortable and are more productive.

Though they are simple principles, at first sight, they are decisive in reducing turnover and increasing collaborators commitment. Organizations which understand those concepts will have a higher financial return, will stand out from the competition and will become places that value a good working environment, which consequently will increase their overall productivity.


 José Oliveira BI4ALL
  José Oliveira