24 March 2020

How Digital Maturity will boost your organization’s ROI

What is digital maturity? What difference does it make in your organization? Is it an investment or a cost? And, finally, what impact does it have in your organization’s ROI?

ROI or return on investment is a metric used to find how much your organization is earning from a given investment, guiding strategic decisions.

The digital transformation brings with it new business models and new investments that will have an impact on ROI, both by deciding on investments made and by reducing associated costs. However, there is a long way to go and nowadays we talk about digital maturity.

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions bring more intelligence and competitiveness to organizations, but the changes to implement necessarily undergo a management change, ways of working and mentalities. It is necessary to adapt processes to enhance the adoption of any technological solution and create added value in the organization as a whole and with a direct impact on results.

Digital Maturity indicates how much the organization has been impacted by the digital transformation, and how, for instance, operations and customer satisfaction have improved, due to the simplification and automation of processes. Although it is not an objective, it is a continuous process of agility of all the organization’s processes and operations, making them more intelligent and efficient. Also, the digital maturity index is an excellent indicator of the way forward.

A digitally mature organization is able to understand the market, the competition and the customers’ needs, as well as their limitations and opportunities. It is from this knowledge that the organization must adapt or implement the best technological solutions to respond to the challenges encountered. To better decide and measure the investments made and which strategic path to choose. Decisions are thus supported by accurate and current information, reducing risks and costs.

According to IDC, this year, 40% of national organizations already have digital in their business strategies. At the worldwide level, the forecast is for 55% of organizations, which shows us that Portuguese organizations still have some work to do to reach digital maturity.

By creating a digital culture, it is possible to have an innovative and more productive organization with automated processes, more satisfied customers and identified business opportunities with will put your organization ahead from the competition. Besides, investments made are safer and more reliable based on concrete and reliable forecast and costs are significantly reduced.

It will be at your disposal reliable and real-time insights that will help managers to make smarter decisions based on concrete and accurate information, and you will be able to increase profits and create new forms of relationship with customers.

Presently, technology plays a fundamental role in an organization’s life by transforming processes, optimizing performance and increasing the competitive advantages so that your organization is at the forefront.

According to Forrester research, the most successful organizations handle technology as a company asset, invest in emerging tools and applications, and are four times more likely to grow 10% or more a year than their less digitally informed peers.

One of the advantages that Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions bring to your business is the possibility to automate operational tasks, freeing collaborators for the more complex, strategic and creative task. The tasks automation, thus directly affects the ROI growth with collaborators more focused on strategic tasks and with higher performance rates.

Digital Maturity allows to optimize human resources, reduce operating costs and increase sales. By boosting ROI, you have a profitable, competitive organization with a high performance that will differentiate your organization in the industry which it operates.

Are you ready to leverage your organizations’ results? Have you ever imagined the competitive advantages that disruptive technological solutions can offer to your organization?

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