23 May 2019

How does Data Science help companies to make smarter decisions?

The large volume of data generated today creates difficulties for organizations that need to understand and leverage the large amount of data generated. Surely you have already received in your email the offer of a product in line with your profile or the disclosure of a product or service that goes in line with a search you made on the internet. None of this would be possible without Data Science, a science that enables companies to get to know their clients and potential clients better, thereby providing a more effective business response.

Data Science makes it possible to use complex algorithms and analyses that organize data, set standards, and make predictions to help management decision-making more accurately. Technology enables to extract knowledge from the data in order to understand your clients, products and processes. In addition, through statistics, you can get concrete hypotheses, thus anticipating future scenarios.

As a profession with exponential growth, the Data Scientist is the professional responsible for extracting data and providing insights that will bring intelligence to the business and give decision-makers a set of strategic tools that enable predicting events, identifying new business opportunities and anticipating risks.

Data Science can bring numerous benefits to your business as it transforms traditional ways of solving challenges and creates powerful new solutions, increasing business efficiency with solid decisions based on real and accurate knowledge using mathematics and technology to the exploration of data and predictive analyses.

With the help of Machine Learning, a method of data analysis that automates the development of analytical models, it is possible to automate the transformation of data into information. As we know, the amount of data is increasing and the opportunities generated using the insights gained also increase.

According to Gartner, by 2020, more than 40% of Data Science tasks will be run by machines and this is already a reality today. Technology today enables to automate any part of the process in which humans are involved, from data preparation to delivery. Organizations realize that they need to do more with less and the best way to reduce time is through automation.

The information obtained helps you to optimize many areas of your business, customize marketing campaigns, and drive the future based on intelligent and effective decisions.

Today, companies cannot ignore the enormous benefits of using Data Science in a market that is becoming quicker and more competitive every day.

infographic explaining the benefits of using Data Science in companies