6 September 2019

Data Analysis: The Super Power of Effectiveness at the disposal of Marketing

We truly live impressive times for those who lead, manage and work in Marketing. If, previously, this was an area often associated with financial investments where effectiveness could hardly be proved and measured by those who developed and implemented strategies, presently these concerns are no longer supported since there are solutions that radically transform the way how campaigns are executed and measured. In practice, we are facing a kind of superpower when it comes to combining the best and most creative campaigns with technology solutions that increase their effectiveness.

Nowadays, Marketing is one of the clearest examples of the influence that massive data analysis technology has been on marketing professionals daily lives. Facing increasingly demanding and informed customers, it is natural for those who are responsible for these departments to confront new challenges. Some of the questions that concern marketing professionals the most are Leads Generation and traffic on Digital platforms, through ROI measuring associated with implemented campaigns or ensuring well-managed budget. The upside is all of this can have a solution through the use of data-driven technology tools.

Gaining customer information by defining consumer profiles, habits and consumption patterns allow us to answer a number of prominent questions that are a constant in marketers’ mind: Who is the consumer, what are they looking for, what is the buying trend, what are their needs, how much are they willing to pay for a particular product or service, or even, how often do they make their purchases, for example. All of this, it is possible to achieve with the right data collected management and assimilated through the normal business activity execution close with consumers, or even from campaigns.

Considering the countless opportunity windows that arise around this data exploration, we are at an extraordinary evolution point that drives us to what is almost a new marketing concept, completely based on real-world consumer profile experiences, which leads to decision-making supported by value-added facts and less on intuitions. We must say, that information is the soul of business.

If we do a projection exercise, it is not surprising that in the coming years, we will have fully customized auto insurance based on technologies that ensure vehicle connectivity with insurers and marketing departments. By transmitting information about driving profiles and creating personalised user experiences, it will be possible to benefit, for example, those who have safer driving habits. Through such practices, these drivers may be more advantages in acquiring new insurance or other adjacent opportunities. Therefore, with a series of steps which seems to be simple, it is possible to completely revolutionising the customer experience, and the work of whose are behind these actions.

Through Data Analytics Technology Solutions, Marketing Departments gain a range of information that enables to be well prepared in the decision-making context with administrations as well as to measure their ROI strategies. Furthermore, from a practical perspective, these solutions can help to recommend, analyse, cross and accelerate new and existing campaigns, increase strategy efficiency, customize the purchase experience, develop more targeted and personalized actions and increase business changes and opportunities.


Carla Fonseca
Marketing Director