11 July 2016

Cognos TM1 Enterprise configuration for Active Directory (AD) Users

Unlike Cognos TM1 Express, the Cognos TM1 Enterprise doesn’t have the Active Directory connection (AD) possibility.

For the Cognos TM1 Enterprise authentication work with AD, we need to make some configurations in TM1 and Cognos BI.

Configuration in Cognos TM1 Enterprise

  1. At the file C:Servidor_TM1\tm1s.cfg file TM1 server, put the following configuration:


ServerCAMURI=http://<nome da máquina>.<rede do cliente>:9300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch

ClientCAMURI=http:// <nome da máquina>.<rede do cliente>:9300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch

  • The IntegratedSecurityMode=5 means the TM1 security can have groups and users on level TM1, but also it can have AD groups and users.
  • The ServerCAMURI is a Configuration Server that allows the users and groups access the Cognos BI.
  • The ClientCAMURI is a Configuration Client that allows the client to access TM1 users and groups the AD.


       2. After these configuration, we need to stop and start the TM1 server:

       3. On Architect, we can make the login with AD user.

Note that it is the first time that this user logs On as AD user, unfortunately he isn’t going to see any object in Architect. So we need to put ADMIN permission in this user, to have access to all objects implemented in TM1.

This user is on matrix “Clients/Groups”, so we just need to put the ADMIN permission.

For that we need to make the following steps:

  • In C:Servidor_TM1\tm1s.cfg file configuration the TM1 Server, we put IntegratedSecurityMode=1 (this type means that the TM1 can receive users and groups on TM1 level), in next we make stop and star on TM1 server.
  • In next we go to matrix “Clients/groups” and check ADMIN:



       4. After that we going to C:Servidor_TM1\tm1s.cfg file and to put the configuration of 1 point.

       5. Stop and Start TM1 server;

       6. In the end we can make login on the server with user with Admin permission. This way he can see the all objects in the project.

       7. tm1p.ini we put the next configuration:

              CognosGateWayURI = <URL do Cognos BI>

Cognos BI configuration

      1. In first step we should to install TM1 client on Cognos BI Server;

      2. On Cognos BI unzip of the bi_interop.zip, it is on TM1 installation folder and copy in installation root of the Cognos BI.

      3. fpmsvc_config.xml TM1 configuration file put the uri for:

Gateway uri= “<nome da máquina do servidor de tm1>.<rede>:<porta>.isapi.dll

After this configuration, the TM1 applications are display in Cognos BI portal (display folder with all TM1 applications). So the user have two choice to access the TM1 applications, he can access the applications in Cognos BI portal and too access the TM1 application in TM1 Portal.

Finally that the TM1 has authentication with AD.

External Execute Turbo Integrator Process with AD Login

Sometimes it is very important execute external Turbo Integrator (TI) Process with simple click. But there are many authentication type, and this can difficult this external execution, mainly with AD authentication.

The solution to execute external TI with AD authentication, it is this way:

Create a .bat file with the next command:

“file directory of file tm1runti.exe, it is in TM1 instalation ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Cognos Express\bin64\tm1runti.exe” –process -adminhost -server -user -CAMNamespace -pwd

In the end of file we put: pause.

In this way we can execute the external TI process with .bat file.





        Ana Ventura