21 November 2018

Cognos Partition Cube Security Error with Custom Views

When we develop cubes for an Organization, sometimes it is necessary to create different accesses to different levels of the information. The best solution is creating partitions with custom views on cube.

For example:

–  Some users only have access to the Regions data on the cube:

–  To define these information accesses, we can create a Cognos group and a Custom View with “Cloak” option at highest level (this option omits a category and its descendants, but retains the rollup values in ancestor categories). This way, these users groups will see the information of the Regions.

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– Add a group on a Custom View:

There are more customizations to apply on cube such as Apex, Exclude, Cloak, Summarize, Supress, but we will not address these in this article.

Sometimes we have some critical errors with Custom Views, one example is “PDS-PPE-0216 Invalid security information provider. Unable to open ((Security))”:

When we ended the connection and opened the cube on Analysis Studio, we got the following error:

The solution for this problem is:

Step 1: Insert a Custom View with ALL, and add the user group with the administrator’s profile.

Step 2: Insert this Custom View on Cube.

Step 3: Delete all files on folder RTModals (it is in the installation of Cognos, example: C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\c10_64\data\cqe\RTModels)

Step 4: Delete the following objects from the processing folders of the cubes:

  • .mdc cube
  • .mdc cube on deploy folder
  • .mdp partitions

Step 5: Process cube in Transformer with .mdl extension.

Step 6: In the end, we can create a new connection on Cognos Administrator by .mdc, and after that test connection.

Step 7: Finally, the connection will be successful and the error will disappear.


Ana Ventura