16 July 2015

Bursting Report in IBM Cognos Report Studio

What is Bursting Report?

Bursting is a functionality of IBM Cognos Report Studio that allows you to run a report once and have the results distributed into separated files. This functionality is very useful, regarding performance and time saving, e.g, when we have to send a letter to our employees with their salaries and subsequent deducts for taxes.

Process requires

  1. Burst Key – will be defined by the field that will separate the files. Considering the example above, the burst key would be the employee field.

  2. There are 3 ways to burst report: by email; CAMID (A method that controls which information users are able to visualize within Cognos Connection, based on Cognos login authentication); and finally, throughout a system directory.

  3. Burst Label – Determine how to name the files in order to effectively distinguish them. Commonly seen the report name plus a suffix of the burst key, e.g, "IRS Declaration – Joana Barbeito".

To define the Burst in the IBM Cognos Report Studio, go to File tab and click on Burst Option menu.

Bursting Report

For generating the report with burst option you will need to click on "run with option", as illustrated bellow:

Afterwards, you will have to click on "Advanced option" to get the following window:

In the delivery method you have 3 options:

  1. Save the Report: This option has to be select if you choose to burst the report on CAMID. This means that the report output will be saved and that the users will only see the output entries for which they have access.

  2. Save the File System: This option has to be select if you want to save the output entries into a system directory.

  3. Send the Report by Email: This option has to be select if you want to send the output entries by email.





    Joana Barbeito