30 November 2018

BIDocumenter: SSIS Audit

One of the side effects of technological solutions growth is its increasing complexity, traditionally counteracted by the elaboration of documentation.

However, on systems that change frequently, documentation can quickly become insufficient, paving the way for metadata analysis tools.

It was in this context that we developed BIDocumenter, a tool that allows to easily verify all processes and parameters of SSIS packages.


This tool traverses all existing packages on a server, extracting all relevant information. From basic information such as names and types of components and data flows to something more complex as analyzing the SQL queries that the package executes and identifying the tables with which it interacts.


This allows us to perform mass-validations of database connections, SQL queries, component naming and configuration, detection of anomalous and other packages.



This tool has been developed as a DLL and is currently integrated in a simple SSIS package that can be integrated into an application or a Windows service, thus offering greater flexibility in relation to the target environment.

Future versions aim to support a greater detail at the level of the data fields, identifying the types of data and the transformations to which they are submitted.

 Rui Machado