6 November 2018

5 immediate benefits that real-time Data Analysis and Management bring to your business

We never had as much data as we currently do. The increase of data caused by mobile devices and the fact that we are constantly connected to the network generates a huge amount of information. However, this only adds value if such information is stored, examined and viewed.

Unlike what happened a few years ago, when data were only examined by people, nowadays the analytical process is very agile and extremely fast. And if so, your analysis can be performed in real time bringing immediate benefits for your Organization and for your business.

By 2020, the volume of data is expected to reach 40 Zettabytes. In fact, since 2011, the volume of data has been increasing and it should be noted that less than 0.5% of this data is examined and applied.

We cannot talk about data without mentioning Big Data, which, in simple and extremely brief manner, is the term that refers to the set of technological solutions that analyse all this information, extracting value from it.

Yet, in practice, what impact does it have on your company when analysing all the information generated in real-time?


dados em tempo real


Aggregated information

With the use of Analytics solutions, you can have, in a single system, all the company’s information allowing a more transversal, faster and accurate analysis. Access to information is easier and more immediate, reducing the time you previously spent to aggregate the various sources of information, providing you all the information you need to make decisions at the right moment.

Agility in processes

The processes become more agile, faster and efficient, thus freeing Employees for other tasks. In addition, in many cases waste is eliminated saving time and money. Another important factor is that you can access data anytime, anywhere, through your mobile device, which gives you great flexibility to make decisions even when you are on the go.

Minimization of risk

All Organizations are subject to a set of internal and external factors that influence business. Real-time analysis allows you to provide insights into what is happening now and quickly fix failures, take corrective action, preventing, therefore, business problems. In addition, by identifying less positive trends and events, it allows you to anticipate any situation, enabling the promotion of a more positive perception of your company by the Customer.

Forecast of events

With a correct analysis of the data, it is possible to predict scenarios and situations that could have an impact on your Organization. It will thus enable to take appropriate action to nullify or reduce the impact, therefore being a step ahead of the competition.

Customer Service

Real-time analysis allows a more personalized service to the Customer, just because it knows better the needs and preferences of your Client. For example, by having the correct information about what path your Client is making when browsing on your website and what he has searched for in a specific session, site history or even comparing user behaviour to profiles created in advance, allows you to know which services or products he is interested in, making possible for you to tailor the strategy to their needs, resulting in optimization of sales results.