About us

With 18 years of experience, we are a reference company in consulting services with skills of excellence in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

At BI4ALL we turn data into insights and work daily with the goal of improving business results. We help organisations thrive and be ready for the challenges of today and the future.

Considered one of the Top 10 Big Data Analytics Consulting/Service Companies in Europe 2020, and one of the 10 Most Successful Consultant Companies to Watch in 2022, BI4ALL helps organizations in the process of Digital Transformation and Data Strategy and relies on excellence skills in the areas of Data Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, CPM and Software Engineering.

We are totally focused on the success of our Clients and pride ourselves on a solid track record of successful projects which is reflected in the Clients who have worked with us over the years.

We turn ideas into reality

In a world of constant uncertainty, where technology is increasingly smarter, and the pace of change is accelerating, organisations’ margin for error is increasingly smaller and requires more innovative and collaborative processes, higher agility and high-performance solutions.

At BI4ALL, we understand our Clients’ needs and add real value to Organisations through our Expertise and mastery of powerful solutions, providing valuable indicators for the business.

Service of Excellence

We pursue our purpose of turning data into insights, and help organisations to be more agile, flexible and resilient, to anticipate the unpredictable and adapt quickly to market changes, therefore being more prepared for the future.

At BI4ALL we have extensive experience in the ability to respond to the specific set of challenges and business requirements of different Sectors. We work with high performance teams, with excellent knowledge of our Competencies and passion for results.

We also have a Products area that meets the current needs of companies and market demands, with the aim of improving the performance and competitiveness of organisations.

We are driven by our Mission

At BI4ALL we transform data into insights and work daily with the goal of improving business results.

Led by our Values


The BI4ALL team is our most valuable element and our window to the world. We work with the best talents and continuously improve our team. Our work reflects our passion and commitment.

We have over 350 employees totally focused on Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, which are part of a structure in full growth.


José Oliveira BI4ALL


“The sovereignty of data is now unquestionable and represents an effective bridge for the creation of winning business strategies. Data-driven companies are agile, capable and prepared to meet the challenges of today’s market and set a leadership path to face the future.”



José Oliveira, CEO, BI4ALL


Social Responsibility

BI4ALL also has as an essential part of its strategy, the support to initiatives promoted by the community where it operates, promoting the implementation of Social Responsibility projects, thus contributing to the economic, social and cultural development.

Open the doors to innovation and competitiveness

Get to know some of our Successful Cases and check the benefits that Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence solutions offer to companies.

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