1. MicroStrategy – What Is It?





1.1. What is Oracle Application Express (APEX)?


Oracle APEX is a web application development framework that is centralized in a database. It allows you to quickly and conveniently design, develop and execute applications supported by Oracle database, using only a web browser.


Emerging Challenges



Alteryx Designer is a program that allows you to build a workflow in a simple way, using and configuring a wide range of drag-and-drop tools. It is helpful to perform self-service data analytics – by preparing, blending and analysing different data sources – and easily share the results obtained.


Data visualization is mostly made through tables in reports or with the use of charts like bars, pies, lines, etc., but when we talk in data based on location the most common type of visualization is the map.

There are three type of maps in SSRS that can be used, being them basic, bubble or analytical maps. However, when we use the maps, the real challenge is not choosing the type but how to make it.





Successful businesses know that in order to achieve competitive advantages in the market, it is largely due to the implementation of the best and most advanced technologies for analyzing different data sources.


There are two different approaches to refresh Qlik Sense data – this will always depend on the data model complexity. In this article, we will present solutions that can be applied to different situations.

We will also explain how to schedule and create dependencies between data loads in order to better manage time and resources.





This article will help you, through a report, to analyse the Business Intelligence processes that were executed: how long they took, which ones finished with error, which ones have not still been executed, the duration’s increase or decrease comparing to the last executions and its dependencies.



“Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear and convincing voice.” ― Stephen Few


The dashboard design is most of the times considered as the cherry on top of the cake on a BI Project, in fact, it is one of the main factors that define the success of a BI project since it has the biggest impact on the end-user experience.



Regarding the lack of knowledge about our employees and their skills, an internal project was developed using Microsoft technologies, more specifically Visual Studio and PowerBI. This article expects to demonstrate how this development was accomplished.



The BIML (Business Intelligence Markup Language) allows the automatic creation of SSIS identical packages by simplifying the set of repetitive tasks performed in the extraction process of different source systems. Thus, it reduces the time of extraction of the sources and increases coherence between all packages. Four phases can define this process: 




This article attempts to explain how to first create and configure MDS and afterwards create a simple SSIS package to load data from an independent source, load it to a staging table and finally load it to MDS.




>     Using just the Azure Machine Learning, it is not possible to predict in a timeline.

>     This solution comes with the need to predict bookings for n periods in the future. The solution with ML only allows to predict the next period.